Follow up to Status Quo

Just a quick follow up to my visit to my GP yesterday.  They took my blood pressure from three positions:  Prone, sitting and standing, to see if there was any variance and if so, how much.

Prone, my BP was 110/60.  Sitting, 90/60 and Standing, 80/60.  Juuuusssstttt a little bit of change.  :-)  Dang, no wonder I’m getting dizzy.

My GP Dr. also believes that is is due to dehydration, along with the methadone I am taking.  If you look up side effects to taking methadone, one of the first things you see is, “May cause low blood pressure.”  However, my Dr wants to make sure there aren’t other factors involved,  such as anemia, so I’m taking a blood test tomorrow.  Guess I better study hard tonight.

Oh…. and he also said… “Mr Finley, since you just turned 50 and with all that you’ve had going on recently, I strongly suggest you get a colonoscopy as well.”  Super.  Great.  Thanks Doc.

I’ve often wondered how people get so educated on medical terms and procedures and how I didn’t know what this or that really meant.  I must say that in the last few years, with a pacemaker and now cancer, and getting older, my knowledge of medical terms and procedures has definitely increased!

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2 thoughts on “Follow up to Status Quo

  1. “Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness.” Prov 16:31; add to that crown “knowledge of medical terms and procedures”. I love you, my brutha from anutha mutha!

  2. When you finish that medical degree, what will your specialty be? “Comedia-ologist” or “Funnystory-atrician”?

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