Hello friends and family….I’d give you an update but I’m not exactly sure what day it is.  Well, maybe it’s not quite that bad but close.  Today is Monday and day 43/44.  Yes tomorrow is my last day of treatment…. I think.

Weight..?  The least of my worries.  I did not weigh today but I would say that I’ve lost some over the last few days.

S0, what happened?  Well remember Thursday night?  The night of fever/chills / diarrhea?  I guess it started with that.  On Friday, met with the PA and they did blood work to see if I was neutropenic (was not) and thought I had some bug.  Left Friday afternoon, met a friend in Lake City and then came on home.  Everything ok.   Slept OK Friday night.  Saturday, not feeling so hot.  Voice back to a whisper.  Not eating a whole lot.  Stuff smells and sounds good to me but still can’t or don’t want to eat anything.  And with my smoothies, since they are all milk based, and I have a throat full of mucous, it does’t help matters.   So spent all day Saturday hacking up mucous and not talking.  Saturday night, was tired.  Ready to go to sleep at 8pm (which is waaay early for me) but stuck it out until about 11pm.  Woke up at 2:30 and again at 4pm and then at 5pm.  Whoa boy.  When I woke up at 5am, having to pee really badly, stumbled into the bathroom and things just aren’t right.  Everything is kinda’ blurry.  One part of my brain is trying to deal with that but the main part of my brain is thinking only one thing…. pee.  Finally finish peeing but my body is becoming non-responsive and I’m getting pretty dizzy.  We have two shelves in this part of the bathroom and both aren’t able to support my weight (I checked).  I’m trying to use them as support because I’m pretty sure I’m going down.  I try and call out to the missus but due to my throat, it only comes out as a whisper.  Now my brain is only thinking one thing and that is, don’t hit your head.  I go down knees first (such fun on tile!) and then on my back.  Kind of a two-stage fall.  Apparently the noise was enough to wake the missus so she comes running in there and according to her….my eyes were rolled back in my head, my face was really red, my breathing was struggling.  Being a former nurse, she believed I was out.  She propped me up and ran to get her phone to call 911 and by the time she got back to me, I was responsive again.  We talked and I was responsive to her questions and had no head injury so she held off calling 911.  We spent some time trying to figure out what happened and really had no idea.

Later that morning (Sunday) I was….doing….OK.  Still in a little bit of a fog and my vision was a little blurry.  Tried to eat (or drink) something for lunch with no success.  Finally about 2pm, we called my Chemo Dr and explained to him what was going on.  In addition to dehydration, he believed that I was also going through an adverse reaction to pain medication.  The week before, he upped my methadone from 2 pills to 3 a day.  That was 5 days earlier and since it is a slow acting drug, it takes about that long to affect anything.  So he ordered us BACK to Gainesville, so back we go and were admitted last night.  (By the way, I think all the nice people work during the week when I am usually there).  Because the room that was ordered for me was not ready, most of the initial stuff was done in the ER so 4 different Dr’s come in and we have to explain what we’ve done and how we got to this point.  Finally fluids start getting pumped and test start getting done and the results are:

  • Definite dehydration
  • Possible adverse effects to too much pain medication
  • Pneumonia
  • Flu

It seems I went beyond hitting the “trifecta”.  What would that be?  ”Hitting the Quadfecta?”

Holy Cow. Anything else I can squeeze in there?  Needless to say, they are pumping me with fluids and antibiotics almost 24/7.  I am officially admitted to the Shands Cancer Hospital and since it is one of the newer ones, it is the Taj Mahal of rooms.  Very nice.  The nurses (and Dr;s) up here are versed in regular nurse stuff but also have the background in cancer so they know how that works together.

Today, Monday, I missed my first Radiation appointment but my radiation Dr cut one treatment from today and one from tomorrow.  So only one Radiation Treatment left.

Right now, I still have a chemo infusion scheduled for tomorrow morning.  We are just waiting to see if that is still going to happen.

That’s it in a nutshell.  So how did your weekend go?  :-)

I’ll be staying at the hospital today, tomorrow (we think) and maybe Wed.  Still trying to pin that part down.  The missus is over at the Hope Lodge checking me out and getting all the stuff I left.  Thankfully I took home most of my stuff this weekend.  She does have to clean it up though.  What a trooper she has been….through all of this.

So after scaring the beejezus out of the missus and the kids and the rest of my family this past weekend…..I’m in good hands now.  I’ve still got some issues with the mucous and the inability to speak, my neck still looks zombie-ish but….and I know I said this last time… but…. I think(?) the worst is behind me?

I think I better shut up now.

I will follow up in a day or so with “The Finish”.  I don’t think, nor do I hope, that I can top this one.

No unrelated story this time.  I’m too worn out.


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6 thoughts on “Seriously…???

  1. Michael, will you cut this stuff out? Are you trying to worry me to death? O.K., you have proven your point – you don’t go at anything half-way—Baby, I am so sorry, wish I could do this for you —am so glad Kathy knew what to do, and that she got you to where you needed to be – and the treatment that you needed being started – hopefully, the antibiotics and fluids will aim you back in the right direction – Please, please keep me posted – it is painful to just not know – I feel so helpless, but always feel better after I hear from you. Went to Betty Sue Munn’s funeral, and Jennifer, Janna, and Lisa (Prince) all asked about you – Eula Mae said she had started the prayer chain in church for you – you’ve got so many cheerleaders!!! Get better soon, get home, and you will begin that trip back to everyday living – and keifer will help, I know. I love you, my baby boy – hang in there. Mom

  2. Dude
    That sounds like hell x 10 with all the shit going on. You and the old lady deserve at long vacation with a healed up former action guy who took on the Grizzly Bear and won!

  3. I hope you wore that T shirt back to Gainesville!

    I’m real close to renaming you…Job! We continue to pray for you guys.

  4. Oh man! Not good! So glad that you are back at Shands under GREAT care! Just relax and rest. You need to coast for a few days to get your strength back! It won’t be long now and you will have BEAT THIS STUFF!!! Hang in there! Text if you need anything from Brad or me. Kate, call if you need anything!

  5. Michael your last name is FINLEY and we all have difficult and crazy medical issues. I hope everything will up hill for you. LOVE ya praying for you.

  6. Hello Finley!
    One of my great Bobby Warren said to tell u hello and praying for u he is the one who let me know about u and to keep u in my prayers which we both are and many others! Grana’

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